Graviola Leaves 500mg- 90 Capsules


Graviola / Soursop Works:

*Anti-Tumor,*Good for Osteoporosis, anti-malignant anticancer, *Relieve pains, *Boosting the Immune System, *Healthy Heart, *Promote Sleep, *Incraese Endurance, *Diarrhea & as well as Constipation, *Anti-Free Radical, *Lowers Cholesterol. *Regulates Blood Sugar, *Healthy Skin, *Anti-Ageing Agent.



Super High Anti-oxidant, Free Radical Scavanger, Reduce Malignant Cell Formation, Boost Energy Level & Immune System

Soursop, also known as Graviola, it targets the malignant cancercells only and not the healthy ones, thus preventing side effects like nausea, hair loss and weight loss. It has also been found that Graviola Leaves Tea / Capsules & Soursop fruit is proving highly effective in Malignancy. Many active compounds and chemicals have been found in Graviola / Soursop, specially Annonaceous Acetogenins in its fruits, leaf, stem and bark. The chemicals and acetogenins in Graviola / Soursop demonstrate strong anti-malignant anticancer, anti-tumorous, and anti-viral properties. These acetogenins found in Graviola / Soursop are superb inhibitors of enzyme processes that are only found in the membranes of Malignant tumor cells. That is why they are toxic to Malignant cancercells but have no toxicity to healthy cells. Acetogenins in Graviola / Soursop extracts have been selectively toxic in vitriol to many types of tumor cells.

As more and more people turn to alternative sources of medicine that are not comprised of man-made chemicals, many natural substances are gaining popularity. Graviola / Soursop valued for its medicinal properties that have been used to benefit an incredible number of ailments, maladies, and diseases, ranging from backaches to number of malignancies. The benefits of Graviola / Soursop are truly worth considering, and below are just a few.

blood disorders: Because the tree is rich is rich in iron, Teas made from soursop / graviola fruit and leaves are great for anemia and increasing red blood cell count. It is also good for reducing hypertension; and because of its antibacterial properties, it is very effective in infections. Placing a whole fresh leaf on a cut, sore, or wound should help healing progress more quickly than when left untreated.

Article: An article published by Cancer Centers of America discussed a study released in in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, published in 1997, indicated that chemical composites extracted from Graviola / Soursop fruit were more effective at destroying culture malignant cells .  Graviola / Soursop leaves have been shown to reduce malignant & carcinogenic cells, with the added benefit that it does not harm healthy cells. Graviola / Soursop has also been found to be very effective in the side-effects of chemotherapy. The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry was not alone in its findings. The Health and Sciences Institute has published more than one paper pronouncing that graviola / soursop leaves were very effective in reducing Malignant cells without harming the rest of the body. The National Cancer Institute came to the same conclusion, even the University of Purdue and other universities around the world found similar findings. No further studies have been done however, because graviola / soursop is a natural substance, and therefore cannot be patented. However, in some countries it has been used as an alternative treatment for colon, prostate, and lung Malignancies and many  with some success.

Disorders of the organs: Graviola / Soursop leaf tea or capsules can treat gallbladder problems, liver ailments, and it can even lower glucose levels in diabetics by stimulating increased insulin production by aiding the beta cells in the pancreas.

Nutrient Content: Both the leaves and the fruit of the Graviola / Soursop tree contain high levels of Vitamins A and B, and C, fiber, iron, potassium, calcium. Graviola / Soursop leaves also contain gentisic acid, annonacin, annocatalin, and anonol that strengthen the immune system.

Immune system booster: Graviola / Soursop Leaves Tea or Capsules can be used to perk up and feel better quicker when getting over a cold & flu.

Sleep aide: in the Caribbean Graviola / Soursop Leaves Tea or Capsules has been used for centuries as a treatment for insomnia, or one can just put a few fresh leaves into their pillow for that effect.

Painful swollen feet: to reduce the discomfort brew some Graviola / Soursop Tea and use as a foot soak.

Arthritis and gout: Graviola / Soursop leaves can be mashed and rubbed on joints to reduce the pain.

Cure from Osteoporosis: Graviola / Soursop consist of phosphorus and calcium which is beneficial for strong bones and help to prevent Osteoporosis.

Increase Endurance: Graviola / Soursop contains lot of fructose and simple sugar, it is a power house of carbohydrates and helps to drain energy and keep you active and fresh.

Hair and skin problems: Graviola / Soursop is good at treating a number of hair problems such as split ends, dandruff, and falling hair, graying. To derive these benefits make a tea from the leaves and use it as a hair rinse. The natural ingredients in the leaves, when mashed until soft and applied directly to the affected area, are good at treating eczema as well as skin infections such as acne.

Weight 80 g

Take 2 Capsules Thrice a Day Preferably 20 minutes before meals or As directed by your health care provider.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use this product if the safety seal on the bottle is broken.


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