Moringa (Drumstick Leaves) 500mg – 60 Capsules



Don’t  have time to take many nutritional foods then take only 2 moringa capsules it will full-fill your body needs.

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Moringa Oleifera:-

Moringa oleifera is a tree brought from the mind of God to the hands of man. It was recognized by the National Institute of Health as the Botanical of the Year for 2007, and praised again in 2011 & 2012. It is valued worldwide for its ability to treat over 300 diseases. The most amazing fact about moringa is that it is a storehouse of nutrients and medicinal chemicals. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron & protein. It contains a plethora of phyto- nutrients,8 essential amino acids & other powerful disease fighting antioxidants. According to the Ayurveda, moringa comp- rises of around 539 compounds capable of preventing 300 diseases. Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients and 46 different antioxidants which make it a powerhouse of nutrition. Moringa is a complete health product which improve your overall health.

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*Treats Anemia,
*Improved digestion,
*Improved mood,
*Lower blood pressure,
*Protects the stomach lining,
*Treats stomach ulcers.
* Promotes Beautiful Skin,
*CANCER Prevention,
* Anti-aging,
*Lower Risk of Heart Disease,
* Liver Protection,
*Anti Inflammation,
*Improve memory,
* Lowers Cholesterol,
* Promotes Eye Health,
* Helps balance Blood acidity & blood Sugar level,
* Helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body,
* Detox,
* Protects the respiratory System,
* Regulate Chronic Constipation Problem,
* Dementia,
*Reduce Blood Pressure,
*Protect against Migraine,
* Insomnia,
* Promote Healthy Bones & Teeth,
* Urinary Tract Infection,
*Increase Hemoglobin,
*Stimulates Hair Growth,
*Increase energy,
*Increase Milk Production,
*Appetite Suppressant,
* Increased Mental Clarity.
Moringa is also used in India and Africa in feeding programs to fight malnutrition.


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