Raw Apricot Seeds – 200 grams – 3 PACKETS


Dr. Contreras says

To start, it is recommended that eat one apricot seed for every 10 lbs of body weight. If this dosage is tolerated well, it may be increased to 30 to 35 kernels per day.

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Raw Apricot Seeds:-

The apricot seeds was claimed as the cure for all Malignancies over 35 years ago. Controversy raged when some of the world’s top scientists claimed that when consumed the components of the apricot seed make it impossible to develop Malignant cells and will kill existing Malignant cells in most cases.

It was even more strongly claimed that when one eats apricot seeds every day they can never develop Malignancy, just as one can never get scurvy if they have an orange every day, or pellagra if they have some B vitamins every day.

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